Wedding Inspirations

The task of planning a wedding and getting the look just right can be every bit as daunting as it is exciting.

In Wedding Inspirations, top stylist Margaret Caselton has drawn on her years of experience to create a wealth of wonderful looks for weddings, while weddings expert Antonia Swinson explains the inspiration behind them and how they are achieved. The book starts by emphasizing the importance of the planning stage, and explaining how inspiration can be drawn from many diverse sources to create an entirely personal and unique celebration that reflects the tastes, passions and interests of the bride and groom. Different themes are then showcased, with moods ranging from the full-blown romantic to the sleekly modern, from the formal to the laid-back. There are hundreds of ideas for elegant table settings, flowers, favours, cakes and candle arrangements, bringing beautiful styling within the reach of every bride and groom.


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